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Coyote Calling In The Wind --- Bring It On!
Remember, it is hot and windy. Doesn’t a good nap sound good about now to you? You can bet that is probably what ole Mr. Coyote is doing. You have to surprise him. If you are sneaky enough, he won’t have a clue why some rabbit is dying right in his living room. Try shortening up your stands and moving more often. Instead of the 20-25 minutes stand time, try only calling for 10 minutes. By calling in short spurts, you should have a response by any coyote that you may have snuck in on. Then move about 200 yards up the canyon to cover the next set of woods that your calls couldn’t reach from the last point. Continue this for the length of your particular setup, and you may be surprised. Of course, you may have to walk a mile back to the pickup when you are done, but who said coyote hunting was easy?

The only problem that I have found in this particular way of calling coyotes is the close quarters. These are the wide open prairies of Oklahoma, where you need the scope cranked up to about 12 power to ‘reach out and touch’ them. Not the case in this particular setup. Try the 12 gauge loaded with some old fashion 00 buck. I’ve also been known to carry the good ole lever action, open sighted, 22 mag for this scenario. Of course the bigger rifles will still work, you just have to leave that scope turned down on minimum power. You also never know when you may sneak in on a big old bobcat who is quite surprised to see as well. It has now become a close quarters battle so be prepared for anything as you enter.

We all know failure is inevitable in the world of coyote calling. The only sure way to fail on a windy day is to go to the house and complain about the miserable calling weather. Sometimes Mother Nature can be very cruel and may not want to concede to the plans you have made to be out in the woods calling for most of a Saturday. If she happens to throw you a curveball by huffing and puffing on the wind meter, maybe you won’t strike out after all. You never know, you may even learn to welcome a strong gusting wind every so often?

Justin was raised in western Oklahoma near the town of Elk City. He graduated college with a Biology degree and is now employed in the oil and gas industry. He is a devoted outdoorsman, enjoys hunting any kind of game, whether it be archery, shotgun, or rifle. Justin is also an avid shooter and reloader. When he is not out hunting, shooting, or fishing, he enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter where they now reside, just south of Oklahoma City.
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