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Calling Coyotes On Purpose

Calling Coyotes On Purpose

By Tim Titus

A handful of white clouds floated across a bright blue sky as we walked along the two-track ranch road moving to another stand. I suddenly realized that each step I took was placed with purpose. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that almost everything I do while calling predators is done on purpose, deliberately, if you will. I simultaneously realized how valuable this is to successful coyote calling and how boring an individual I may truly be! Spontaneous, I am not.

My analytical personality rarely ceases to operate regardless of what I’m doing. Combine that with mild Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and there are few things I care about that I do on accident. My nephew, Gus Titus, is an up and coming taxidermist (Great Basin Taxidermy). He has been mentored under one of the nation’s leading taxidermists. His mentor, Patrick, developed the AFLAC duck and pioneered some amazing taxidermy creations for movies like Wilbur the pig on Charlotte’s Web. Gus says that he and Patrick just refer to OCD as O-C. They don’t consider it a “disorder”! I’ve picked that up for myself. The slogan, “It’s not just a passion but an obsession,” starts to hit pretty close to home.

Calling Coyotes On Purpose

In predator hunting, consistent coyote calling success does not come with one magic bullet. There is not one perfect hand call or electronic caller that will buy you success. Nor is there one perfect sound that guarantees a response from coyotes. Neither will perfect camouflage ensure a coyote’s demise. Consistently calling and taking coyotes requires that many small things be done correctly on each set to bring about success.

Your set-up may be perfect, your latest and greatest e-caller may be playing the finest rendition of the sound they love, your rifle might be the most accurate in the world, yet a bad approach to your stand can blow the opportunity before you begin calling. By the same token, your approach may be ninja-like and your sound perfect but a movement at an inopportune moment will send the coyote on a reverse course, making an effective shot more than likely impossible.

Can a hunter kill coyotes without a purposeful approach? Sure. It happens but more often early in the “season”. Later in the season, with higher hunting pressure, with reduced numbers of young and uneducated coyotes, shot opportunities will become fewer and fewer. In September, with abundant pups and after a summer of little to no hunting pressure, a haphazard approach may result in four coyotes running to your call, causing the hunter to be filled with delusions of grandeur. The same approach may find a lot of cold, fruitless days in the field come December, January or February. Consistent success requires critical evaluation of strategy.

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