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Calling Coyotes: The Approach
Similarly, tighten any loose suspension components. Loose shock mounts can make more noise than the rest of the truck combined. Oil squeaky door hinges and the door latches so they work easily. And, donít slam the doors! I canít count the times Iíve invited someone to go coyote calling and the first thing they do is slam the truck door upon exiting. Never slam the door! Lift up on the latch as if to open the door, push it closed then release the latch. The door will close with hardly a click. Similarly, charge your AR15 or shotgun at the vehicle. Slamming the action home at the beginning of the stand is not conducive to successfully calling predators.

Calling Coyotes: The Approach
Tighten any loose suspension components to reduce vehicle noise.

ATVís and UTVís will benefit from the same attention your truck does. There are many aftermarket exhaust ďsilencersĒ available that may increase your stealth when hunting with ATVís. If recreationists or trappers are using ATVís regularly in your hunting area, the predators may become fairly tolerant of ATV noise as proven by Lewis and Messina.

Calling Coyotes: The Approach
Oiling door hinges and latches reduces noise when exiting the vehicle.

Again, coyotes in different areas require different levels of stealth in the Approach. I, personally, always park my vehicle out of sight of approaching predators. Weíve had coyotes hang up or begin to come into our stand then leave. Many times weíll look back and find the vehicle wasnít as well hidden as we thought or the coyote came from an unexpected direction exposing the truck.

After parking out of sight, I then move as quietly as possible to my set-up. Some of the worst calling weíve experienced has come during periods of crusty, noisy snow. If you canít get to your stand quietly enough, you wonít call coyotes. Sometimes you need to be creative. Ben and I wanted to call a stand that was a consistent producer but the snow was very crusty and noisy in the draw that we normally followed into our set-up. We actually contemplated abandoning the stand but Ben saw an opportunity. Instead of following the shaded draw, we traveled a more exposed area of the ridge where the sun had softened the snow and exposed other areas completely. We were able to approach the area quietly enough and mostly out of sight. We called in a nice silver coyote.

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