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We have switched out our 308 to a 6.5 284 Norma. The 6.5 284 has accounted for a large number of titles and records in 600 and 1000 yd bench rest. It has placed at the top of mile comp. and is also a favorite for long range prairie dog. Ground hogs, coyotes, and deer have been taken at unbelievable ranges when in the hands of a capable shooter. The favored twist rate is 8 twist for the 140-142 Mks, which is a typical long range choice.

Competitive Edge Gunworks

The 6.5 284 pictured is a 8 twist Broughton 5 C, 7.9 B at 29 ˝ inches chambered to .290 neck and throated for 142 Mks. Our brass of choice is Lapua. We typically sort by weight and concentricity. We always deburr flash holes, true primer pockets and turn necks. All powder charges are weighed on Acculab scales. Bullets are sorted base to ogive and usually start with soft seat in the lands then do a ladder test. Once the sweet spot is found, the seating depth is adjusted for best accuracy. We use Fed 215 match primers and the 2 powders of choice are H4831 SC and RL22. Both have enjoyed success and H4350 has enjoyed wins as well.

One big plus with Broughton barrels is usually a velocity gain of 25 to 50 FPS over conventional cut or button barrels. The 6.5 284 is a real treat to shoot early morning and late evening long shots in a prairie dog town. The 6.5 - 284 is just as much at home on the firing line as it is at 600-1000 matches. It is favored by many top competititors. The 6.5 284 will consistently turn in 1 1/2inch to 2 inch groups and 600 in good condition as well sub 5 inch at 1,000.

For our next platform we switch to the 6X47 Lapua. The 6x47 is a necked down version of the 6.5x47 Lapua cartridge. It has been winning bench rest matches right out of the gate. The 6.5X47 Lapua brass is high quality brass and uses small primer pockets, same as the 6 BR. This allows this smaller case to propel 6 mm105 to 107 VLDs to the same speed as the 243 with less powder. The 6x47 Lapua has earned respect at matches as well as in the field. As a side note we have had excellent results with 22x47 Lapua.

Using 8 twist Broughton 5cm with 80 gr. Mks will run 400 to 450 fps faster than 22-250 AI with less powder and less pressure. Less powder means less heat and less fouling. Our 6x47 Lapua uses a Bridgton 5ctm 8 twist 28inch. Our load of choice is H4350 with 105, 1075, CCI BR4 primers. Just off the lands H4831SC shows great 2nd choice. With lighter bullets VV140 and RL 15 works well.

Last but no least the 6 BR. Our last rifle we have switched to a 6BR Broughton 8 twist 5c* at 28”. The little 6 BR just seems to be getting better with age. It has set records at 600 and 1,000 yds then broke and reset new ones. The 6 BR is a personal favorite dog town round. 105s from an 8 twist for long shots 800-1,000, then switch to 70 to 87 grain varmint bullets and the 8 twist will stabilize out to 750 plus yards with the BR. With 243-6mm Remington size cartridges 8 twist works well with 105-107 VLDS, but varmint bullets 70 to 87 grain will typically blow up with over rotation. When you can take a 6br with 2 loads to a prairie dog town. One long range VLD, the second a light varmint load with one platform it doesn’t get any better than that.

Competitive Edge Gunworks LLC is a full service shop. Larry Crow is a member of the
American Pistolsmith Guild and has built custom guns for many champion competition shooters We chamber all tactical and hunting rifles to bench rest specs. We indicate at the neck shoulder juncture. All chambers are reamed to bench rest standards. By using the best components and attention to detail every firearm built by CEG is built to the highest industry standards in fit, finish, and performance. All actions and bolts are machined in house by state of the art CNC equipment.

This is part one of a two part series. Part two will include the CEG magnum series rifle which will include the 300 Win mag, 338 Lapua, 338 Norma mag, and 375 Chey Tac. These calibers are used daily by our elite special forces and cross over into the civilian long range hunting and target venues as well.


Larry Crow
Competitive Edge Gunworks

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