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All actions accept Remington style trigger assemblies. Our bolts are made from 4140 heat treated to 42 Rockwell. The bolts are one piece with tactical or hunting handles. Bolts are available in 3 bolt faces: 308, Magnum, and Lapua. CEG also has one piece Remington replacement bolts available. The extractors are our design, M16 style pinned under right lug for true 3:00 ejection. Our bolts accept Remington style firing pin assemblies. Now that we have introduced you to our patented action and one piece bolts, let’s take a look at our Precision Sniper system goes long range bench rest.

Competitive Edge Gunworks

Our feature sniper rifle is the Crow Tactical, 18 1/2” 308 FOLDER. The target shows the rifle’s accuracy capability. Groups were fired 200 yards on 4/18/09, a 68 degree Saturday afternoon with a 30 mph west breeze, shooting north. The first shot was from a cold clean barrel, then 2 clicks left, 2 clicks up, 3 shots from the mag. Then took the same brass, with 7 firings reloaded, moved over to the right and fired 3 shots. About 10 minutes passed between the strings. This is the same platform that we have presented to homeland security and U.S. Military. The Crow Tactical consists of CEG action and bolt we used jewel hunting triggers set at 16 oz.

The next part of our system is a superb barrel. We use exclusively Broughton 5 c * barrels on every rifle we produce. We will use other customer supplied barrels. Tim North at Broughton Barrels builds what I feel is the premier barrel for accuracy and the highest round count tested. Tim is always very helpful with twist rates and general information. He also personally inspects every barrel that leaves his shop. The barrel is a 7.2 @18 1/2”, .900 muzzle, 10 twist, chambered in 308 M118LC chamber. The platform is designed to shoot 175 MKs to 800 yds. with 1/2 MOA or less.

The next part of our rifle is the stock. We use McRee metal stocks on this platform which has a fully adjustable butt stock. Length of pull and pitch are adjustable. The stock systems uses AI mags and is machined to our action for precision fit. The action can be removed and replaced any number of times, just retorque the attaching screws to 50 lbs with return to 0 every time.

Mounted on top of our 20 MOA rail is a custom Night Force NX5 3.5x15x56 . This state of the art rifle is our premier Crow Tactical which uses the best components available.
This rifle is the culmination of years of testing and combining the best components the
industry has to offer.

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