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By Larry Crow
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Long range shooting has evolved by leaps and bounds since the day of the bean field rifle of a few years ago. Long range snipers are now making long 1,500 to 2,000 meter shots with regularity that a few years ago seemed impossible. Over the last century or so, custom gunsmiths have built up a good business out of customizing factory rifles in the quest for more accurate rifles. They have blueprinted actions and changed out factory barrels, triggers and stocks to accomplish this goal with great success.

Competitive Edge Gunworks

For years, bedding has been a complex problem for gunsmiths. In the quest to resolve this issue, gunsmiths have gone through an evolution of glass bedding, pillar bedding, and epoxys such as Marine Tex and Devcon, all with success. One of the problems when bedding with this procedure is that over a period of time these bedding compounds will absorb moisture and chemicals and deteriorate. Typical military applications require the operator to break down his weapon and clean regularly. This requires removing the barreled action the from stock assembly, cleaning and reinstalling. Every time an action is removed from the bedding system, it deteriorates the bedding a small amount and changes the pressure points of the action and stock relationship, which adversely effects accuracy.

With the ongoing quest for more long range accuracy Competitive Edge Gunworks in Missouri, has developed and patented a system that eliminates all bedding issues. We have eliminated vertical stringing from the firearm, not ammo. With a typical action there are two or more attaching screws front and rear of the action. These are torqued in the stock with a scope and rings bolted on top of the action, and the barrel is torqued in the front of the action, typically with a recoil lug sandwiched between the barrel and the action.

Once the round is fired the bullet exiting the muzzle will cause a harmonic or tuning fork vibration in the barrel, traveling back from the muzzle to the action, which will try to flex the action and dampen the harmonics at the same time. With different shooter torque on the stock and stress in the bedding the harmonics won’t be the same every shot, and this is what causes vertical stringing. This is the reason that we set out to redesign and revolutionize the bolt action rifle to make it more accurate. With our floated action and 2 1/2 thousand rounds later fired from 6 BR up through 338 Lapua, we found this system eliminated vertical stringing.

An interesting side note is that most long range cartridges with boat tail VLD bullets won’t typically shoot bug holes 100-200 yd groups. We have seen 1,000 yd match rifles shoot 1/2 to 3/4” 100 ydgroups and 1/2” to 3/4” 400 groups. Many feel the bullets need to go to sleep.

The floated action that CEG patented allows the barrel as well as the rear of the action to float, not making contact with the stock and the rear of the action. The actions are made from 4340 chrome moly steel rock welled to 42, 417 stainless rock welled to 42 and titanium. The raceway is EDM not broached. This is very accurate and very smooth with no bolt bind in bolt travel. The action has an integral lug and barrel shank which is 1.228 x 1.0625 x 16.T.P.I., approximately 1/2” longer than Remingtons and most clones. Actions are available with 0 and 20 MOA picatinny rail and all have external bolt release.

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