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Caldwell "Fire Control" Full Length Rest Review
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Possible improvements: To me, the height issue is probably more a result of years of bad habits and leaning over the rifle in bags, while this rest is set up to make your shooting stance more ergonomically correct. However, I am 6' 2" tall and I am sitting right straight up to get the stock shouldered in the center with the screw foot screwed all of the way in (lowest setting). I think that shorter shooters may have even more trouble adjusting than I did and may find themselves reaching to get correct position instead of being able to comfortably sit and get a correct stance. There seems to be plenty of adjustment in the rear screw foot to raise it for taller shooters, if need be. If not, a longer screw adjuster could be placed on it. To remedy the issue with front bag placement, I removed 2" from the length of the tubes on my rest, resulting in an overall reduction in length of the rest. This gets the front bag positioned farther back on the stock, helping to stabilize the gun, as well as getting the swivel stud out of the bag. This rendered the stop stud unusable so I removed it and rely on my sight picture to find the same shooting position. This works much better for my particular stance and the benches that I have access to.

IV. Function — Excellent
Review: I really like the idea of a full length rest. I think it makes setups more consistent and more repeatable. Transport is made simple because all that you need is this one device that carries together. No more bags of bags, or bags tethered together, etc. It is relatively heavy in itself, so no need to carry along bags of shot or other methods for stabilizing the rest. All the adjustments are simple and quick to make and well within reach of the shooter while seated at the bench. And, although there are more adjustments to make compared with bags, once the adjustments are made you can lift off the gun and the rest stays where you put it! The fine tune adjustment method incorporated into this rest is most ingenious. Having the control arm rod right there for my left hand to grab and adjust is very convenient. It was a little awkward at first getting used to moving the control arm to adjust the front of the gun instead of using a bag to make adjustments in the rear. But once I got the hang of it, I quickly realized that this is “the way it ought to be.” My compliments go out to Caldwell on this because, from a consistency standpoint, this is the correct way to make adjustments. Keeping your shoulder anchor point the same keeps your head on the gun the same and keeps your eyes in the same place; hence, more consistent and more accurate.

Possible improvements: I like the idea of simple, compact, and portable. Simply for storage, I would like to see a way of breaking this rest down into two pieces without sacrificing the stability when set up. I believe that instead of three “permanent” screws holding the front and rear halves together, a clamp system could be designed using the existing base clamp and screw holes incorporating thumb tightening screws on the top of the rest. This would make it easy to disassemble, yet still solid when set up.

Overall, I am very pleased and I have enjoyed using this rest. It is a vast improvement over some of the methods that I have used and this technology looks to be the future of shooting rests to come. I have not necessarily seen a measurable difference in the size of the groups that I can shoot with a given rifle, but I have found a higher level of consistency from group to group and day to day. A lot of what I used to blame on weather, optics, heat, etc., seem to be reduced when using this rest. It’ll be a few years before I can comment on the durability of this unit, but just by the couple of months that I have used it, I believe that if well cared for I will have it for many years. As far as price goes, I have learned. We spend a lot of money on our guns, optics, and the trips we take them on, so investing in a good rest only makes sense.

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