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Bullseye Camera System Review
About five years ago I was looking for a wired camera setup for my home range. At the time it was rare to find a wireless camera that could transmit one hundred yards, so I set up a wired system to send the image to my television. The problem with this system arose that when the sun was bright I could not get a picture, and since I shoot to the west I nearly always had sun. That old wired camera has since been placed in the box of rarely used things in the shop.

Bullseye Camera System Review
Halís sighting-in target at 500 yards. The last two shots were those closest to center.

In the last year quite a few wireless cameras similar to the Bullseye have come on the market, but they are less affordable and canít do all that the Bullseye camera system can do for the shooter. Personally, I feel the Bullseye camera system is a real bargain at $449 for the 500 yard model and $549 for the 1000 yard model. There is also a 1000 yard Long Range Elite Version that includes its own laptop PC, all for $949. Go to Bullseye Camera at the LRH Store
for a complete review and videos.

Bullseye Camera System Review

Proís: The Bullseye camera system is being sold at a reasonable price ($449-$549), and the system is compact and lightweight. The step by step instructions are easy to follow, and the Bullseye camera can be set up at the target in about 5 minutes. This system can be also be used by handgun shooters, for patterning a shotgun or even by archery shooters. The Bullseye will also work on steel targets. All software updates, including the upcoming smartphone version, will be free.

Cons: The laser does not show up really well in very bright sunlight. At times the dots displayed on the screen by the software covered up small groups. The shooterís laptop computer must be in line of sight of the router antenna set up near the camera.

Future Updates: All future software updates will be provided to owners for free. Bullseye also plans on replacing the red laser with a brighter green laser that will be easier to see in bright sunlight. New software additions will allow the user to adjust the size of the dots that show up on your target. Bullseye is also working on a free software update that will be compatible with iPhone and Android smartphones. Long range public and private ranges have already shown an interest in installing permanently mounted Bullseye camera units for use by clients.

After twenty-five years with a major law enforcement agency, John Johnston retired to the hill country of central Texas. His law enforcement career was diverse with assignments with the tactical/motorcycle unit, patrol, and criminal investigation. After retiring, writing became his calling. He started with a newspaper column which, he still writes and then moved up to major magazines in the area of shooting and hunting. He is known for his unbiased product testing and evaluations. Having a full size range from 25-450 yards next to his home was his dream come true. 2010 marks his fiftieth anniversary in the hunting, shooting and reloading sports. You will notice his writing style is quite relaxed and he prefers to write like he is speaking to you around a camp fire. John welcomes questions and comments whether good or bad. You can reach John at olsingleshot@gmail.com.

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