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Bucks, Bears and Blizzards

Bucks, Bears, and Blizzards

By Troy Adams

Even though Montana's deer season had been open for a couple days, I wasn't able to get out until after work on Monday (Oct. 22). I only had a short window of time to hunt before darkness would fall. I had a specific place in mind I wanted to go, and actually a specific buck I wanted to shoot. The previous week I had seen a great whitetail buck that had me fantasizing about hanging him on my wall.

Bucks, Bears and Blizzards

As I arrived where I wanted to start my hunt it began to spit a little snow. The buck I wanted was hanging out along creek bottom at the base of a steep mountain. The foliage was too thick to hunt him one on one in the bottom. I decided the best way to hunt him would to be to get above him on the mountain. That way I could side hill along the mountain and look down into the trees below, giving me a much better chance of spotting him. I had also heard a rumor about a fairly wide muley in the area but had yet to lay eyes on him.

I made quick time to gain elevation and then started my side hilling while hiking high above and parallel to the creek below. I spotted a few whitetail does and fawns and then nearly walked headlong into a herd of muley does. I stopped just in time and the does did not see me. As I sat there looking at them I began to see more and more does popping up here and there out of their beds. I also spotted a small whitetail buck along the creek. I decided I was in a pretty good spot and just settled in for a few minutes to see if a buck would show up.

After about 20 minutes I couldn't take sitting still anymore (I was getting cold). I decided to work my way a little further along, but I knew I might blow the muley does out. As I stood up they went on high alert. I noted that a couple of them looked uphill from me and that caused me to do the same. There I spotted a lone doe coming across the top of the ridge above me. I decided to just sink back to the ground and see if anyone else was with her. The deer that were on alert actually started to settle back down as they never really got a good look at me. Then another doe appeared with a couple fawns, followed by 10 more does and fawns.

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