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Brass Cleaning Using Stainless Tumbling Media System-Review
Here are some photos of another batch of military 5.56 brass, this time once-fired Lake City brass. The Lake City brass is shown, prior to cleaning, in a zip-lock bag. The next two shots show this LC brass after cleaning. Pretty impressive ó even the primer pockets are clean.

Brass Cleaning Using Stainless Tumbling Media System-Review

Brass Cleaning Using Stainless Tumbling Media System-Review

Brass Cleaning Using Stainless Tumbling Media System-Review

After STM cleaning, this once-fired Lake City brass looks like new Lake City to me. Here are close-ups of the case mouths and the primer pockets.

Thoughts and Conclusion
Many of you will think the system is a little expensive ($230.00 for Thumlerís Tumbler and Stainless Media), so it will be difficult to recoup your investment. That is not a good reason for using sub-par equipment in my opinion. I donít reload because of the money savings. You will never save money reloading anyway. By the time you factor in your time, equipment, and consumables, you should just buy new ammo.

AccurateShooter.com editorís note: Have to disagree here. With some cartridges, factory ammo costs 2 to 3 times as much as handloads, IF match-grade ammo is available at all. Also, you need consider how the STM system would be amortized over thousands of reload cycles. The stainless pins last forever ó they never wear out. If you clean and reload 500 cases ten times, the cost of tumbling with the STM system (not counting electricity and water) is less than five cents per round.

I reload because it is fun. I like to make my own bullets. I like to tailor them to certain tasks and make them the best I can. Itís like man-knitting for me. In the end, instead of a sweater, I have a big pile of shiny bullets I can go shoot. And I like shiny, clean brass. So from that perspective, the rotary tumbler filled with stainless media is a welcome addition to my bench. The Stainless Tumbling Media system is fantastic. Give it a try, you wonít be disappointed!

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