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Book Review - Applied Ballistics For Long Range Shooting

Book Review - Applied Ballistics For Long Range Shooting By Bryan Litz

By Gustavo F. Ruiz

Long Range is all about ballistics. Beyond that, no more than luck can be expected without it.

book review applied ballistics for long range shooting by bryan litz

Writing a review is not an easy task, at least for me. Why? Because is hard to make a synthesis of a technical book like the one I’m going to share my impressions of with you.

First of all, it’s important to recognize that for anyone interested in pursuing an interest in shooting/hunting beyond the 400/500 yard mark, the understanding of the fundamentals of exterior ballistics is a strict requisite.

Exterior ballistics (a term first coined in 1644 by Marin Mersenne in his monumental treatise “Ballistica et Acontismologia”) is the main subject of many books, but more often than desired the good (and serious) ones are written for a very narrow audience.

This is not the case at hand. Mr. Litz’s book is meant for the general amateur, while at the same time, providing a practical in-depth coverage of significant aspects of general shooting. And precisely in the way it was written resides one of the great merits of this book. His work bears the mark of straightforwardness.

Is it possible to cover exterior ballistics in a simple way yet be rigorous? Good question...in my experience that objective is difficult to carry out. Nevertheless, this book does indeed a great service in doing a great balance between straightforward explanations while at the same time not taking too lightly the details of complex physics phenomena.

To be honest, I wasn’t surprised to see this level of communication aptitude, since I’ve been following Mr. Litz’s work for many years now, and he always demonstrated a rare skill to breakdown complex ideas into basics ones.

The book’s author is also a great contributor to our sports, but with a twist. He also has the indispensable technical background to make those contributions under a coherent framework.
Publisher's Note: The book can be purchased at the LRH Gear Shop
The book contains some material already published in the form of articles that were available for some time, now packed and organized into a single volume along with new data and information. Some of the other material is a nice compilation of the usual topics found on any exterior ballistics book, but the author’s ability to craft them as simply as possible can still be appreciated.

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