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How To Dope The Wind Beyond Belief-DVD Review
How To Dope The Wind Beyond Belief is full of valuable information, and the graphics used throughout the video are excellent in illustrating the information being shared. I personally enjoyed most the way mirage and spin drift are illustrated. I also enjoyed the part involving multiple wind directions and speeds, and how both can vary the further you get from the ground.

I want to give kudos to John Porter of Best of the West. I have never met John, but I appreciate many of the things he said in the video. In one part, he mentions that it took him an over an hour to be content that he fully understood the conditions across a certain ridge when he was hunting bear. How do you spell patience?

Throughout the video, John Porter and others teach the principle that wind is more than just a right or left correction. One particularly interesting section of the video illustrates small particles of weed seeds all moving in different directions in the wind. One of John’s comments is excellent as it pertains to long range hunting: “How do you manage that? I think you oughta get closer.” His words, “I think you oughta get closer,” are something that all long range hunters need to hear from more seasoned long range hunters when the conditions are not favorable.

The DVD is broken down into history, definitions, windage, military, competition, and hunting. Although professionally done and informative in every way, I didn’t care as much for the history section of the DVD. I felt anticipation after a time wondering when this section was going to be over so we could get to the shooting.

I was not bothered that Best Of The West took the opportunity to highlight the Huskemaw scope and how it is used, or the other products that they sell. I would have been surprised if they had not. We must be honest enough with each other to realize that although Best of the West is offering a service in wind doping information, they want those who purchase this video to be aware of the other products they sell and that these products are effective at the tasks being discussed.

One thing I would have liked to see in the video would be a series of variables (hills, draws, trees, varying wind directions and speeds) shown through live action footage, and then through animation. The experts could talk about how they would make the correction in these varying conditions, walking the viewer step-by-step through how to come to the specific drop and drift solution. It would be nice to see the same thing for inclination shots as well, giving the viewer the specific tools used to make decisions. I think this is what the intermediate and even the advanced long range hunter and shooter is looking for. Maybe I just described How To Dope The Wind Beyond Belief-Part 2!

I feel that How to Dope the Wind Beyond Belief is a great resource for those getting into long range shooting and hunting, and for those who have been at it awhile. I wish I would have had access to this DVD when I first started shooting distance.

Ernie Bishop resides in Gillette, Wyoming, where he serves as a preacher. He enjoys long range hunting for varmints and big game with handguns. Ernie also uses his specialty handguns in tactical style matches and in 1,000 yard competitions once or twice a year.

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