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How To Dope The Wind Beyond Belief-DVD Review

Another great discussion in How to Dope the Wind Beyond Belief was on the effects of cant and bullet impact on target. Although both of these topics are useful in understanding good marksmanship, neither one is overly helpful in judging the effect of wind on bullet trajectory.

One of the men interviewed on the DVD referred to himself as a “number cruncher”. The DVD did actually provide one mathematical formula relating to wind drift. They didn’t provide any tutoring on how to use the formula or methods of application. There was a demonstration of the effect of wind at different elevations above the ground, but no information on how to read the wind flags. The DVD also touched on the effects of terrain and wind direction, elevation, and other factors that can impact bullet flight. Sadly, they failed to teach the practical information for judging what the effect of those factors will be in the field. I guess I was expecting more information from a product billed as “How to Dope the Wind Beyond Belief.”

The section on reading mirage was helpful, but it would have been better if it would have included helpful hints and some real life shooting examples as well as data from wind meters to verify what the shooter was seeing. The segments of the video dedicated to the NRA museum and the portions I’ll refer to collectively as “how I use my favorite toy” would have been more useful had they focused on actual hints of how to tell what the wind is doing across the course and how to make adjustment for it.

I see this DVD having more usefulness for the beginner to intermediate long range shooter than for those who have been at it for a longer period of time.

Review by Shooter #3
The part I liked the most was dealing with mirage. The graphics were excellent, and made it that much easier to understand. The parts in dealing with the wind were excellent, but I wish they had given me more in depth information to actually use in the field. The spin drift section was both informative and practical.

The two parts I could have done without were the history lesson and the infomercial part on the Huskemaw scope.

A funny thing I (Ernie) want to add to Shooter #3’s review was the fact that one of experts in the video who irritated him at first was the one he ended up enjoying the most by the time the video was over. I am not giving out the name, though.

Ernie Bishop’s Review
Best of the West’s How To Dope The Wind Beyond Belief DVD is well thought out and professionally done. It is wise that Best of the West pulled from a diverse group of respected long range shooters of different disciplines. Too often, a DVD of this nature will only feature one personality or several from the same company.

Best of the West often goes outside the box in this production, and I appreciate that. Watching experts illustrate various principles through actual shooting footage and excellent animation makes the teaching sink in better.

One aspect of the video that stands out for me immediately is the wisdom of having a number of people explain the same term or principle. My vocation involves teaching. Time and time again I have witnessed several people trying to communicate the same concept and fail, only to have another person explain it in their own words, allowing the concept to finally “connect” for the learner.

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