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How To Dope The Wind Beyond Belief-DVD Review

How to Dope the Wind Beyond Belief-DVD Review

By Ernie Bishop

Dealing with the wind when shooting at distance is the “Achilles heel” for most long range shooters and hunters. In many shooting competitions there are wind flags at various distances to give shooters a better idea of the correction needed to hit the target. But when hunting, we do not have these benefits unless we are hunting a known area and have placed wind indicators at key places ahead of time, or if we have other indicators that make reading the wind easier.

I do not consider myself an expert on reading the wind, so I was eager to watch Best of the West’s How To Dope The Wind Beyond Belief DVD to see what new information I could glean from it. I have asked three other shooters of different levels to also review the video. I did not share any of my opinions of the DVD with the reviewers. I simply asked them to watch it and then give me their thoughts.

When it comes to field shooting from field positions for first shot connections at distance, I would put these three shooters at different levels. The first shooter is completely new to the game. The second one has done more distance shooting from the bench than from field positions. I have seen him shoot at the bench out to 1000 yards and he does quite well. He is a hunter who is well read on a multitude of subjects, bluntly honest in all aspects of life, and intends to be doing more field shooting. The third shooter regularly shoots to 1200 yards, on steel primarily, and is more of a shooter than a hunter. I have watched all three of these reviewers shoot, and they have seen me shoot as well. For perspective, the 2nd and 3rd shooters are closer to each other in ability than the shooter who is just getting started. I am going to start with the thoughts of the beginner and work my way up. You will see three different views, with parts that connect all three shooters together, and then I will give my own thoughts on the video.

Review by Shooter #1
I really liked this video. It was very informative. The history part was okay, but I was more interested in learning how to shoot better in the wind. When it comes to the definitions, I love the way each one would give his own definition. It made it easier to understand with the multiple viewpoints. The part that dealt with mirage was especially interesting to me. I had no idea you could gauge wind values by mirage. The video taught me that the spotter/shooter relationship is more involved than I had thought at first. I guess I have a lot more to learn. The last part of the video that dealt with the Huskemaw scope was educational. I like the idea of using a ballistic turret for long range shooting and hunting. All in all it was an excellent video. I will probably be buying it very soon!
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Review by Shooter #2
The cinematography in this video is very well done. The quality of both picture and sound is good. The DVD doesn’t suffer from any of the usual amateurish filming/production mistakes common to outdoor videos. I thought the history and background concerning firearm accuracy was basic but informative for a novice shooter.

Although I thought the DVD had several good points to make, I became frustrated when they refused to make them. For instance the entire wisdom given on uphill or downhill shooting amounted to “hold low”. Too bad they had no practical guide on determining how to do this.

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