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Bedding A Rifle

Bedding A Rifle

By Pat Sheehy

In every newsletter Len has a section at the bottom with suggestions for articles needing authors. One of those suggestions is for articles about Simple Gunsmith Things You Can Do. I don’t claim to be a gunsmith, but I’m a pretty accomplished tinkerer so I approached Len about writing a how-to for home glass bedding. He gave me the go ahead, so here it is!

I have to start out by saying that I am not a professional and I don’t have the time or funds to exhaust every possible option to find the best one. Ask every person that has ever attempted a bedding job what the best materials and procedures are and every one will give a different answer. I’ve used this procedure on many rifles and have achieved great results and have yet to glue a rifle to a stock. This article is meant to be presented as information to a community of like minded individuals and is by no means the end-all do-all of techniques.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s have some fun!

Bedding A Rifle

Besides a rifle and a stock, there are a few materials that need to be assembled. Here’s my list of what I’ll be using;
• A tube of 5 minute epoxy
• A can of bearing grease
• Masking tape
• Coarse sandpaper
• An Exacto knife with a few blades
• Paint thinner or some other degreaser
• Disposable Nitrile gloves
• Modeling clay (not Play-Doh)
• Epoxy mixing sticks and containers
• A good supply of rags and q-tips
• Some sort of vise or method to hold the stock
• Whatever tools are needed to remove the action from the stock

Place all of your materials close to the area where you’ll be working and make sure they’re all out of the packaging and ready to go.

Stock Preparation
Once you have your materials laid out, separate the action from the stock and set the action aside. Note where the action bears on the stock and how the action fits*.

Bedding A Rifle
Removing action from stock. *Please note that the rifle being used in my example is a Savage 110 with a synthetic stock and that this procedure is more specific to this action and stock, but the principles of the procedure will work for most rifles.

With the action out of the stock and gloves on, begin degreasing the action area. Keep cleaning with rags and q-tips until there is no trace of grease left in the action area. Throw those gloves away.

Bedding A Rifle
Degreasing action

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