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Barrel Compromise: Weight Vs. Practicality
Accuracy is great, which is the most important reason to buy any barrel. Accuracy is the whole reason we spend hours in the reloading room and at the shooting range, and this contour delivers! At one hundred yards I have shoot 2 different 5 shot groups that measure just over .300Ē. I have tons of respect for bench rest shooters; however I am not one and have not spent the time to learn to shoot over bench rest flags. Itís on the list to do, but not done as of now. So I test loads at one hundred yards based on mirage, wind blowing debris and on how the wind feels against my face and shooting rest. Not the best way to measure wind at short distance. So when I get great results I realize that a short range bench rest shooter could do better. Random good groups arenít the best measure either, but a one hundred yard grand aggregate of half an inch shows promise. First grand aggregate at one hundred yards was .581Ē and I honestly think bench rest shooters could shoot .300Ē all day long.

barrel weight

This particular barrel is a 1-12tw Broughton 5c barrel. Itís my third Broughton 5c and I have been pleased with all three. Broughton barrels are button rifled and feature five canted lands. The barrels are hand lapped meticulously and are seen on the competitive firing lines frequently. I wouldnít hesitate to buy another Broughton, or to recommend Broughton barrels to other people. However some shooters prefer cut rifled barrels, and there are several fine cut rifled barrel manufacturers. Krieger makes a Light Palma contour as does Brux. As a matter of fact the barrel chart came from the Brux website, and looks just like the chart on the Krieger website. I have recently purchased an MTU contour barrel from Lawton, who makes barrels and actions. Lawton offers button rifling as well as cut rifling in 3 or 8 groove barrels in any contour you can imagine. I donít mean to leave out any barrel companies. This is just the group that I have had dealings with. Chances are your favorite company makes a Light Palma and with a little internet surfing you could have one in your hands shortly. So whatever brand you prefer, cut rifling or button pulled, the Light Palma is an excellent contour for a hunting rifle.

barrel weight

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