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First Archery Elk
It is about a 2 and a half day drive so I got there in plenty of time to get a camp set up on the third day. From my experiences last year I knew most people hunted up on top and that pushed the elk into the bottoms of the canyon so I planned to hunt up the canyon bottoms. So with that plan, I had camped at the bottom of a good canyon and the first morning hiked up it to scout for elk. The map showed a trail up along the stream all the way from the bottom to top, however “trail” is a very loosely used and much abused term. Twice I was either on my knees crawling or on my back inching under deadfall. Two hours of steady hiking did not even get me to the area the elk would be hiding out in. After much frustration, I turned back and decided my initial plan was not going to work so I broke camp and drove around to the top of the mountain and camped about a 100 yards off of Skyline Drive.

First Archery Elk

The first morning in my new camp, I went for a walk before sunrise and about 200 yards from camp came upon two yearling bucks. I was playing around with them making weird noises which got the better of their curiosity and one came to within 20 yards of me. After bothering the deer, I went on down through the meadow another 50 yards or so and there were three elk: a spike, a cow and her calf. The elk were already upset because of all of the weird noises from me tolling the deer and they trotted off down the mountain to get into the canyon bottom timber. The next day there was a fierce hailstorm of pea sized hail but it melted quickly and things went back to normal.

First Archery Elk

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