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Accurately Learned

Accurately Learned

By Les Voth

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Previously, I told the story of my pursuit of one rifle. A custom rifle. A rifle that would do all I needed a rifle to do. A rifle I could accessorize for comfort and pursue accuracy with.
Accurately Learned

The rifle is a trued Remington Short Action. It has a 27.5 inch 8 twist, 6.5 Creedmoor Krieger barrel. An HS Precision stock cradles the action and a Harris bi-pod hold up the business end. A Vortex HS LR 6-24 x 50FFP with their XLR(moa) reticle sits on a 30moa mount.

Accurately Learned

This is the second scope I've had on this rifle, so qualifies as its first upgrade.

The second upgrade was much cheaper. It was a comfort thing. I added a slip-on shell holder. A substantial piece of foam under the elastic shell holder raised the comb.

Accurately Learned

I was getting a sore neck while shooting in the prone position. With four bulged discs in my neck, it mattered. Now I can rest my cheek on the stock without adding stress to my neck, and stay aligned with the scope longer.

Some things about my reloading, and shooting habits, had to change. The rifle was capable of great accuracy, and purposeful practice should improve the owner's chances of finding out how accurate.

Listening to generous more accomplished people, they said case preparation is smart. Not being a big case prep kinda guy before, but watching excellent results from others’ efforts - a light went on.

Clean cases before reloading. Wiping them off was it, before. If I wasn't in a hurry a nylon brush through the case mouth, and done.

Now, I cleaned the outside of the neck, the inside of the neck - and the primer pockets. I was disappointed in myself for not learning the value of this simple procedure sooner. Especially after seeing all the carbon that fell on the desk from each and every case.

In the picture of the four cases, the two on the outside are clean. The two in the middle are like what I used to work with. A few minutes make a difference!

Another thing that changed was how I measured powder. I used to scoop it into the scale's tray to get close, then trickle in the rest.

Trapper showed me that that works, to a point. If you want a single digit ES and a single digit SD - you have to do better.

Looking closely at the picture with the scale in it, you can see the trickle charger peeking through in the back. In the front you see the cap from the can of powder with a few grains of powder in it.

Beside the cap is the instrument that vaulted me into single digits. Tweezers!
Trapper told me he breaks single grains to get an exact weight. Looking for littler grains to add or take out - with the tweezers - works too.

Dang! I'd like to just scoop up a caseful, scrape it level across the mouth, and drop in a projectile, just like all the shooting greats have done since brass was invented for guns. I'm just not that good.

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