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Great Shooting And Hard Hitting Muzzle-Loaded Sabot And Bullet Combinations That Don't Come Packaged
One of the very best shooting loads for this rifle has been 110-grains of Blackhorn 209 behind the Harvester Muzzleloading saboted 300-grain .451" diameter "Scorpion PT Gold" bullet (ignited with a CCI 209M primer). The load is good for 1,966 f.p.s. and 2,571 f.p.e. at the muzzle. And out at 200 yards this load still generates more than 1,300 foot-pounds of knockdown power. Several of the 200-yard groups shot with the rifle and load have been right at 2 1/2 inches across center-to-center.

Another of my favored test rifles is the MDM QuicShooter. This .50 caliber break-open model has a looser .502" bore, and the "Crush Rib" saboted 300-grain "Scorpion PT Gold", with the black sabot it is packaged with, nearly falls down the bore. While the rifle, shooting the same load as the Triumph, is still good for minute-of-whitetail accuracy (2 to 2 1/2 inch groups) at 100 yards, it turns into an entirely different beast when the same bullet is loaded with Harvester's tighter fitting red .50x.45 sabot. This sabot has slightly thicker sleeves and a slightly larger diameter base. The company designed it for the Savage Model 10ML II .50 caliber rifle, and the smokeless powder loads it shoots. Those charges burn more efficiently when compacted by a tighter fitting sabot-bullet combination - and so do charges of Blackhorn 209.

Loaded with the red "Crush Rib Sabot", the fit of the .451 "Scorpion PT Gold" bullet in the MDM rifle's .502" bore is about as ideal as it gets. The combination is snug enough to offer some resistance on the ramrod, which means it will continue to compress a charge of Blackhorn 209 when the bullet and sabot are solidly seated. Still, the fit is forgiving enough to allow the combo to be pushed down the bore without having to fight the ramrod. As for accuracy, with the 110-grain charge of Blackhorn 209, the rifle, sabot and bullet will regularly print 1- to 1 1/4-inch hundred yard groups.

The "Scorpion PT Gold" bullets you find in your local gun shops come with the standard black .50x.45 "Crush Rib Sabot". However, if ordering by phone or through the internet, they can be purchased with the tighter fitting red .50x.45 sabot. Just go to Harvester Muzzleloading's website at www.harvesterbullets.com .

Before the announcement of Knight Rifles shutting down operations, I was wringing out the prototype of a new rifle they had hoped to introduce - the "Extreme Ultimate Slam". And as you might gather from the model designation, this was to be a real magnum powerhouse - built to shoot loads of up to 150-grains of Blackhorn 209. Even so, I found the prototype to be more at home with charges of 130- to 140-grains. And with some non-prepackaged sabot and bullet combinations, it was a tack-driving powerhouse.

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