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6mm Turbo 40 Ackley AR-15 Review
The Turbo 40 Has Superb Accuracy!
I know I am somewhat opinionated here, but to me a gun is no fun if it's not accurate. One of the key attributes of the Turbo 40 cartridge that makes it fun is its extraordinary inherent accuracy. Couple that with its superior Ackley-like performance, all out of an AR-15 semi auto platform and you have a recipe for some really great shooting. What more can you ask for?

6mm Turbo 40 Ackley AR-15 Review
The term "spacegun" is clearly an appropriate name for this type of AR-15 rifle, but when built up right a spacegun can offer up a lot of highly accurate rapid firepower, whether it is used for high power rifle competition, varmint hunting with fast follow up shots, tactical matches, or other applications.

Since I am a high power shooter, most of the load and accuracy testing I do is in a slow prone position with a sling and a scope on the rifle. The “x” ring at 100 yards is the size of a dime and on a good day when my pulse is low and I am holding well, it is no problem shooting 10 shot groups all in the “x” ring with an AR-15 chambered in the Turbo 40. It is also fun, at the end of a shooting session at 100 yards, to shoot the staples out of the corners of the targets so that the targets fall on the ground and all I have to do is go down and pick them up. Hitting staples at 100 yards, it can do with relative ease.

6mm Turbo 40 Ackley AR-15 Review
One of the benefits of the 6mm Turbo 40 is the great and plentiful supply of Lapua brass for it. The base brass for the 6mm Turbo 40 is 6.5 Grendel Brass, and making Turbo 40 cases is a snap, just spray the necks with spray lube, run the virgin brass through a Turbo 40 re-size die, load the cases up and shoot them.

The 6mmAR Turbo 40 Cartridge – Easy To Make!
With some wildcats, making brass for them can be a real chore, which makes it so it is only viable for the most “hardcore” reloaders and shooters. In the case of the 6mmAR Turbo 40, making brass for it is easy and you can have fun or compete shooting very accurate fire forming loads while you do it.

The steps needed to make 6mmAR Turbo 40 brass are simple:

1. Take new 6.5 Grendel brass and spray the necks with something like Hornady “One Shot” spray lube;

2. Run them through a Turbo 40 full length sizing die (die sets are available through www.6mmAR.com);

3. Load up the cases and shoot them magazine feed or single loading out of an AR-15 Turbo 40 chambered upper (and with the right powder charge, fire forming loads are very accurate in and of themselves and adequate for competitive and other types of shooting).

There is also no neck turning and no trimming of the brass needed, and in most cases the brass never needs to be trimmed over the life of the cases (10 reloads or so) since brass growth, because of the sharper 40 degree shoulder angle, stays at a minimum.

6mm Turbo 40 Ackley AR-15 Review
One of the benefits of shooting a 6mm is the great lineup of bullets that are available. Shown in this photo (left to right) are some of the popular bullets used with the Turbo 40, including the Hornady 75 gr. V-Max (far left) and then the 87 gr. V-Max, folowed by the Berger 90 gr. BTHP, the Berger 100 gr. BTHP, the Berger 108 gr. BTHP, and then the Sierra 107 gr. MatchKing (far right).

Feeds and Functions 100% From An AR-15
One of the big questions I had when I developed the Turbo 40 cartridge was whether it would feed out of an AR-15 with a 40 degree shoulder angle. What I quickly found out after making the first prototype upper for the cartridge and shooting it a while was that in an AR-15, the shoulder of the case normally does not make contact with the feed ramp so as to guide the loaded cartridge into the chamber. What typically makes contact (if anything) is the corner edge of the shoulder (at the junction of the shoulder and case wall) of the case, which suggests one could make the shoulder angle even 45 or 50 degrees without issue (but I am not going there – at least for now).

The reality is, I found that if you follow some simple rules (that apply to all AR-15 cartridges) the feeding and function of Turbo 40 cartridges in an AR-15 is the same as it is with other AR-15 cartridges.

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