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406 LRH Shooting School

406 Precision Long Range Shooting School Review

by Tyler Dabney

Instead of boring you all with the nuts and bolts/stereo instruction details of the class, I decided instead to share this story as I would chatting amongst my friends; I hope you don't mind.

Many of us impassioned with long range hunting and shooting often contemplate attending a formal long range shooting school of one style or another. Whether it's the new shooter looking for the proverbial "light at the end of the tunnel" or an experienced shooter electing to brush up on a skillset diminished by time and absence; 406 Precision presents the opportunity for shooters of nearly any skillset to learn and advance efficiently in the realm of long range shooting.

Quick preface (I promise)

Over the past several years, for one reason or another, this shooter has bowed out of more learning opportunities than I care to admit. Whether compelled by lack of financial means or self-induced apprehension with a full side of skepticism, I never could find exactly what I was looking for. All that changed this year and I'm glad it did. My journey begins here on LRH with a thread started by the crew members of 406 Precision, asking our readers what we expect from a shooting class. Hey, what else does one do in MT and WY on a frigid January Thursday?

With an amount of emails, PM's and dialogue only explained by my OCD, Jordan Harmon and I struck a deal, times were set and all I had to do was find shooters (that I trust with a loaded weapon in their hands) who were willing to cough up the shekels. Brother, I've got this in the bag! Or so I thought... we'll save that story for a fireside cold beverage at a later date. This class would target the beginner and intermediate shooter as they far outnumber the experienced shooters 4-2, you're welcome gents.

406 Long Range Shooting School - Day 1: Basics

Day one started at 0800hrs sharp on a gorgeous North Eastern Wyoming Saturday morning. By gorgeous I mean: holy crap mark the calendar, I can't believe the sun is shining and the wind isn't blowing 60 gazillion miles per hour (that's a lot).

Jordan Harmon and Jason George began our day by formally and humbly thanking us for having them; for this shooter that scored some major points, they actually want to be here. We covered the evolution of 406 Precision, the how and why they are where they are today. The next topic was that of range safety, a topic of extreme importance as you all well know. I won't bother you with semantics; just know it was both thorough and driven by our instructors.

We covered the definition of the more common acronyms used in the shooting community i.e. MOA and MILs as well as true MOA vs IPHY. We then discussed the progression of the modern rifle scope from the antiquated fixed power to the MOA turret and MIL reticle to the matched sets. We discussed common ailments in rifle scopes such as tolerance stacking and mounting errors (i.e. cant). With all of us twitching to burn powder and make some noise (the twitch may have been the coffee), we eagerly signed our "if you shoot something you're not supposed to, we're not liable" forms and it's off to the chronograph!

406 LR Shooting School

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