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338 Norma Review
This cartridge has some amazing traits that I had never experienced before; one of which was that it is very forgiving. Whether my powder charge was 83 grains of R22 or 85, it was difficult to shoot out of a hole. The powder charge utilized above is 84.5 grains of R22 with a chronographed velocity of 2780 fps and a validated velocity of 2770 fps. The extreme velocity spread is… (You won’t believe this) three feet per second...

Richard and I called wind for each other at two distances, 1536 meters (1680 yards) and 1574 meters (1722 yards which is 38 yards short of one mile). I would have taken pictures of the 1536 meter 10” groups, however the climb was impossible.

This cartridge is a BIG winner because it is very accurate, a winner because it is very forgiving, a winner because the cartridge is very efficient and the bullet stays in the powder cone, a winner because it works in the Remington long action receiver, a winner because the bullet can be seated to the correct seating depth and still cycle through the action, and a winner because the bullet doesn’t enter the transonic region until approximately 1,750 yards. When it does, it’s moving at 1,306 fps, with 1,136 foot pounds of energy. This may be one of the most unique cartridge designs of my time. No; it is the most unique cartridge design of my time.


Richard P. McKinney
Schuetzen Gun Company

P.O. Box 203
Drake, CO 80515
Phone: (970) 635-2409

Badger Ordnance
1141 Swift St.
N. Kansas City, MO 64116
Phone: (816) 421-4956 Fax: (816) 421-4958
E-mail: info@badgerordnance.com

Mark Chanlynn
Rocky Mountain Rifle Works

931 Stone Canyon Rd
Longmont, CO 80503-7303
Phone: (303) 823-6270

Manners Composite Stocks, LLC
1209 Swift St.
North Kansas City, Mo 64116
Phone: (816) 283-3334 or (816) 210-8108
E-mail: tmanners@msn.com

Sniper Tools Design Company, LLC
Angle Cosine Indicator

P.O. Box 1647
Estes Park, CO 80517
Phone: (800) 651-1050 or (818) 359-0512
E-mail: info@snipertools.com

Ward Brien is a US Army Veteran, owner of Sniper Tools Design Co., LLC and the inventor of the "Angle Co-Sine Indicator," which is sold and under contract to different branches of the US military, British military and others. Located in the top of the Colorado Rockies, Ward also instructs a specialized three day Precision Shooting 1 course to hunters and has trained military and other government agencies.

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