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Great New .308 Shooting Products

Jim Borden’s New Repeater Tube Gun Action

When it comes to an accuracy rifle build up, the Borden name is synonymous with premium quality and accuracy. Jim Borden has recently released a new line of tube gun actions that are first class in all respects.

Great New .308 Shooting Products
This new Borden repeater tube gun short action represents premium quality and accuracy, and is perfect for a .308 Winchester rifle build up.

The most popular of these actions is the short action repeater model with a “308 bolt” (i.e. .473" bolt face). While Jim will make up the action for you with just about any bolt face desired, the action for this article was fitted with two different bolts, one suitable for .308 Winchester size cartridges and one for .223 Remington size cartridges.

The action itself has the same footprint as a Remington 700 action, which means it is a direct “drop in” for any of the very popular tube guns that are set up to accept a 700 action (i.e. MAK Tube Gun, Eliseo Tube Gun, etc.). The Borden Repeater Tube Gun Action sells for $850, which is a bargain considering the features it has that makes it a significant upgrade from a factory type action.

Great New .308 Shooting Products
The new Borden tube gun repeater short action is shown with the bolt in "lock up". The bolt has a .064" firing pin diameter that works well with both small and large primer brass.

When you buy a Borden action, the action comes with everything (and I mean everything) perfectly trued and fitted, which means there is no need to do any action work to put it into service (i.e. barrel it up and go out and shoot). The action body is made from stainless steel and is hardened to 40Rc, and the bolt body is made from chrome moly steel and is hardened to 44Rc. The bolt shroud and bolt handle are also stainless steel. In addition, the bolt body is cylindrically ground to fit the action with a maximum clearance of .0025". Indeed, when you cycle the bolt in the action and in and out of lock up, it runs “smooth as silk”.

Jim is especially proud of the “fire control system” for the new action, which includes close fit tolerances for all components, especially those related to the firing of the rifle. Examples of areas having a close fit include the bolt to the action body, a “snuggly fit” of the cocking piece to the bolt shroud and to the firing pin, a “snuggly fit” of the firing pin into the bolt body itself with attention to the firing pin guiding areas to assure the firing pin moves very much in a straight line when the trigger is pulled. The point of it all is to assure top accuracy, and reliable and consistent ignition of the cartridge when the trigger is pulled.

The bolt for the action has a .064" firing pin tip diameter, which is ideal for both large primer and small primer brass. The bolt uses a Sako style extractor, with the plunger ejector set up to assure that the fired cases eject out of the action almost horizontally. In addition, the Borden bolt handle is well designed and is slightly longer than the factory type bolts, which makes the Borden bolt ideal for tube gun use.

The tube gun actions can be purchased in a right or left hand short or long action configuration, and as a repeater ($850) or single shot ($800). If you are looking to do a tube gun build up, but want a significant upgrade from a factory type action, the Borden Tube Gun action is a great upgrade and offers a lot of value and accuracy for the price.

The Lapua 155 gr. Scenar 30 Caliber Bullet – Quality!

While this 30 caliber 155 gr. Lapua bullet offering is not new, it has been included here for a few reasons. One reason is that this Lapua match bullet is just a great 30 caliber target bullet. This author has had the opportunity to measure and test a few boxes of these bullets and has found the overall quality and uniformity of these bullets to be exceptional. It was a pleasure inspecting and measuring these bullets because they all measured so very close to one another that it became clear that for most shooters, even those who sort their bullets, these can be good to use “right out of the box”.

Great New .308 Shooting Products
The Sierra 155 gr. Palma Match bullet (left), the Berger 155.5 gr. FULLBORE bullet (middle) and the Lapua 155 gr. Scenar (right). All of these bullets have a very close and high ballistic coefficient, but they accomplish it with different designs.

This Lapua bullet also has an excellent ballistic coefficient for its caliber and weight (.462 b.c.). The bullet design of this Lapua bullet is a little different than the new Sierra and Berger bullet offerings noted above in this article. The Lapua bullet is designed with a good bit longer bearing surface and a less dramatic front end (i.e. than both the new Sierra #2156 and the new Berger FULLBORE bullets). The boattail section of this Lapua bullet is also a fair amount longer than both the Sierra #2156 Palma Match bullet and the Berger 155.5 gr. FULLBORE bullet. Once again, this bullet shows that there can be “more than one way to skin a cat” when it comes to designing a slippery bullet to cut through the air.

Great New .308 Shooting Products
For shooting the 155 gr. to 155.5 gr. bullets, the overwhelming favorite barrel twist is a 1:13", however a 1:12" twist is very popular as well. Shown is the barrel end for one of Bartlein's 5R stainless match Palma type barrels.

The longer bearing surface design of this bullet makes it ideal for .308 Winchester chambers having a longer throat or free bore area. If you have an existing .308 Winchester with a traditional match or other type chambering with a little more generous throat, this bullet may be ideal for use with such a set up (i.e. versus the new Sierra and Berger bullets discussed above). In addition, because of the front configuration of the Lapua bullet, this author found that with certain .308 Winchester chambers, the overall length of the loaded round also makes it workable for magazine length loadings.

The recommended barrel twist rate with this bullet, as with just about all the 155 – 155.5 gr. bullets, is 1:13" twist or faster. Independent reports to this author from shooters using this bullet confirm that this bullet shoots well in 30 caliber barrels with a twist rate generally between 1:10" to 1:13" (with about 60% of the shooters using a 1:13" twist, and another 25% of shooters using a 1:12" twist).

If you like shooting the 30 caliber bullets, and want to keep the recoil down by shooting fast and light high b.c. match bullets, this offering by Lapua is worthy of serious consideration. As with most Lapua products, the quality and consistency is there “out of the box”!

Nammo Lapua Oy
P.O. Box 5
FI-62101 Lapua, Finland
Phone +358 6 431 0111

Sierra Bullets
1400 West Henry Street
Sedalia, MO 65301
(800) 223-8799

Berger Bullets
4275 N. Palm Street
Fullerton, CA 92835
(714) 447-5456

JGS Precision Tool Mfg., LLC
60819 Selander Road
Coos Bay, OR 97420
(541) 267-4331

Borden Accuracy
1325 Sheldon Hill Road
Springville, PA 18844
(570) 965-2505

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