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.240 Weatherby Magnum: The Hotrod 6mm

.240 Weatherby Magnum: The Hotrod 6mm

By John Johnston

In 1968 Roy Weatherby designed and created his last Weatherby magnum cartridge. The .240 was born to compete with the .240 H&H. Typical of Roy Weatherby’s prior rounds, the .240 had a belted case. It has survived for all these years, but its future may be in doubt. Like most of Weatherby’s cartridges, the cost of .240 ammunition and brass is rather expensive. Norma makes the brass with the Weatherby head stamp plus the loaded ammunition. Depending on the bullet used in the ammunition, a box of Weatherby .240 Magnum runs as high as $90.00. The round begs to be reloaded to gain the best accuracy and velocities. Once you get past the cost of brass, a reloader can enjoy this cartridge with no financial guilt. The same brass selling under the Norma name is slightly less expensive. Dies by many of the top companies are readily available.

.240 Weatherby Magnum - The Hotrod 6mm
Weatherby Vanguard S2

Some claim that the .240 will shoot the same bullet 150 feet per second faster than a 6mm Remington or the .243 WSSM. In my own tests I found that 150 FPS may be a slight exaggeration shooting with a Weatherby Vanguard S2 with a twenty-four inch barrel. I did not have a .243 WSSM in my safe but I had my own reloading file from a previous test. My figures showed the WSSM shot the lighter grain bullets up to 80 grains at the same or slightly higher velocities than the .240. I have tons of experience and loads with the 6mm Remington. I found that the .240 was faster. I choose 6mm Remington for Texas whitetails and long range shooting out to six hundred yards. With factory 85gr. ammunition at five hundred yards the .240 shot six inches higher than the 6mm Remington and one and a half inches higher than the .243 WSSM.

.240 Weatherby Magnum - The Hotrod 6mm
The .240 at the range.

The Vanguard S2 is the least expensive Weatherby. It is made in Japan by Howa. Weatherby guarantees the rifle to shoot one inch or better. It is a nice rifle with a suggested retail of $649.00. The barrel is 24 inch hammer forged and has a 1-10 inch barrel twist. The bolt is a two lug style. The action has a three position safety. The two stage trigger is user adjustable down to 2.5 pounds and breaks rather nicely, even for my picky tastes. The stock is made of a material which Weatherby calls “Griptonite”. To me it feels like a Hogue over molded stock. The bedding is molded in to the stock. The recoil lug has a slight taper. This helps keep it snug.

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