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12 Year Old Bags 6X6 Bull Elk
This 6X6 bull surrounded himself with some of the most wary cows I have ever seen.
These cows would come out and start to graze and be on the lookout for anything amiss. After about 30 minutes the bull came out. Then, just as everything was looking like Matt would have his shot, about 25 turkey came filing into the woods, which spooked the elk. No shot, and now it was dark. End of day 2.

On hunt day #3, we tried another area that a friend John had shown us, and the bulls there were all around us screaming that morning. Daniel had a Hoochie Mama Cow Call and so we gave it a try and talked in a real nice 5X5 bull. The bull just stood there looking at us for what seemed like five minutes (really only 30-40 seconds) then turned and walked away. While we had a lot of bulls talking to us with my Elk Inc. Power Bugle we never got close enough for a clear shot. So much for morning #3.

Evening #3 offered an early chance. The elk woke from their nap at about 1:00 PM but as Daniel and Matt we getting into position, the darn turkeys flushed out of the same cover we had been using, and spooked that darn bull again. We decided to sit and wait till they came out for their evening meal and drink and see if we were able to get a shot.
At about 5:00 PM the cows came out and again about 30 minutes later the bull came out, the herd just milled around grazing just out of range, but we were patient. Then for no understandable reason, the bull decided to leave the herd of cows and go get a drink. That was his last mistake.

As he came into range, Matt was able to get a clear shot at the 6X6 bull in the picture at about 100 yards. He decided to take the bull and with one shot dropped the bull right where he had been instructed to shoot. Right away Matt cranked the second round into the chamber ready for another shot but the bull never got up!!!

12 Year Old Bags 6X6 Bull Elk
Here's Matt with his 6X6 bull.

When we cleaned the bull we found that the bullet had passed thru a rib and a lung and disintegrated the heart! The bullet never touched the back side of the chest cavity and there was only about a 3" circle of blood shot meat!

Here’s a bonus: While we were camping a local land lease rancher decided to round up 750 head of cattle to send them off to market. We got to watch the cowboys in action!

12 Year Old Bags 6X6 Bull Elk

Matt had the hunt of a lifetime, thanks to a lot of pre-planning, good friends and the great components that were chosen for this hunt.

I would like to thank:
Hodgdon Propellants
Berger Bullets
Burris Optics
Hoochie Mama Cow Elk call
Elk Inc Power Bugle
Timber Mesa Archery in ShowLow AZ for their support
N.A.S.A. Shooting club for events that helped prepare Matt hone his shooting skills.
And many very good friends, too many to mention, who gave much valuable advice and reconnaissance.

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Mike Greene is a Power Plant Control Room Operator, and has worked for the same company almost 20 years now. He grew up in Phoenix with a father and grandfather who were avid hunters. Mike has harvested about 5 elk of my own so far in his life, and has helped countless family members and friends with their hunts. "I am not a guide." Mike says, "All my life I have tried to get drawn for a bull elk but never have. Helping my grandson is even BETTER!" Ever since Mike was a kid, his dad would bring the family to the White Mountains of Arizona. Mike says, "When the Wallow Fire swept through our forests I came to realize that nothing is forever. I suggest that readers take a moment and enjoy the world around you today while it's still there, because tomorrow it could be all gone!"

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